Common Questions

If any information isn’t clear, please reach out to beltran@trackey.io

SDK Performance

  • How much does the Trackey SDK add to our overall package size?

Last time we checked, the Trackey SDK was less than 40 KB. When apps are uploaded to the App Stores, they are further compressed.

  • What's the impact on app performance for including the SDK?

There's zero lag. Trackey uses async API calls that do not block any progress.

Data Access & Integrations

  • How can we get access to the user data collected by Trackey?

Trackey offers a native dashboard/survey report for all surveys and messaging you run.

It shows both aggregate level stats about the survey engagement, answers breakdown, as well as a data table of individual responses.

There is also a Download CSV button in each report, which allows you to export data easily to CSV files.

You can also get programmatic access to the raw data via our webhooks and APIs. For more information, visit the integrations section of docs.

Contact us at beltran@trackey.io if you have more specific questions here.

  • Can we integrate Trackey with our custom solutions?

Sure! You can create custom integrations using our APIs and webhooks. Read more in the Integrations section of our docs.

  • Can we get notifications when a user submits new responses?

Yes! You can easily create custom notifications for specific / all surveys to be sent to your Slack channels and email addresses. Navigate to Trackey > Integrations to get started.

  • Does Trackey integrate with my analytics software?

Not yet. We’ll have native integrations with Amplitude, Mixpanel, and Heap. You can automatically track events for each survey question answered and also update user traits using their answers. This allows you to funnel qualitative insights into your analytics to build interesting cohorts and segments.

  • Does Trackey integrate with my CRM software?

Yes! As soon as we partner with Zapier, that connects Trackey with more than 5,000 apps.

You can also easily build a custom integration in a few hours using our custom webhook, which sends real-time data to your server endpoint.

  • Does Trackey integrate with my Customer Data Platform?

Yes! We currently integrate natively with Segment, the leading customer data platform for most SaaS companies. We are also planning to add integrations with other CDP platforms very soon.

Contact us if you have any priority integration on this.

User Privacy & Data Security

  • Is Trackey GDPR compliant?

Yes! Hosted 100% in the EU, Trackey is GDPR compliant by design since day one.

  • Is Trackey SOC 2 Type 2 compliant?

Trackey is currently going through SOC 2 compliance certification process, which will take 6-12 months to complete.

We take data security seriously and take every measure to make sure your data is safe.

  • Will my data be private and safe?

Yes! You and your users' data are yours and yours alone.

We do not sell or share this data with anyone else. Our servers are hosted in AWS, and all communication with our service is encrypted.


  • Is Trackey available for both web & mobile apps?

Yes! You can use Trackey on any number of products or websites. Using your API keys, you can easily send cross-platform data into Trackey to understand and engage your users across their entire journey.

  • Can we use Trackey on native desktop applications (Windows or Mac)?

Trackey is able to run on any desktop software that is written in JavaScript. So if your application is written in JavaScript, then very likely you can use Trackey SDK on it. Start a free trial to test it out first - our team is here to help if you encounter any problems.

  • Can we use Trackey in our Chrome Extensions?

Yes! We have customers who use Trackey in their Chrome Extensions and it works quite well since Trackey is built to adapt to a wide variety of screen sizes.

  • Can we create logic jumps in Trackey based on the user’s response?

Yes! We call it Logic Jumps! You can read more in the Feature Guides section of the docs.

  • Can we customize the design of Trackey widgets to make them look native to our app?

Yes! You can customize all text, and all colours (background/text/brand) and select the custom widget position for all of your Trackey widgets. Using Trackey, you’ll be able to build native-looking surveys and messaging in minutes that will delight your users.

  • What will the results dashboard look like after we get responses back?

See engagement stats, summary answers breakdown, and individual responses

Filter by date range, answer choices, event conversion, user location, and more

Export data via download CSV in one-click

Easily see trends via Charts, Score, and Word Cloud views

Share the report with your team directly via URL sharing

About us

  • Who is behind Trackey?

Trackey is a SaaS company co-founded by Miguel & Javier, backed by DEMIUM CAPITAL.

  • Where is your office located?

We’re almost fully remote 🌍 and our team is located around Spain 🇪🇸 France 🇫🇷 and India 🇮🇳

  • What kind of support do you offer?

We provide expert-level support via email, Slack and can hop on a quick call to help you if necessary. We generally answer questions very fast (usually within minutes during business hours), and actively incorporate user feedback into our public product roadmap.

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