Email Alerts

Trackey <> Email

Set up Email Alerts from Trackey

With Trackey <> Email integration, you can set up custom alerts for specific surveys.

Whenever a new response is submitted, Trackey will automatically send email notifications to any email address you specify. This will help your team always stay on top of customer feedback and act faster.

Create Email alert

  1. Log in to Trackey and navigate to Integrations.

  2. Click on Email > connect.

  3. Click on Add a new alert.

  4. Give your new alert a descriptive name, such as “NPS survey” or “VIP requests”

  5. Select the surveys that will trigger this alert. You can either select the “All surveys” option or specify one or multiple surveys.

  6. Enter one or multiple email addresses that should receive this alert. Use the [Enter] key or a comma to separate multiple emails.

  7. Save your work once finished.

  8. You will receive a test email sent to each email address you entered. The subject line will start with [TEST]. This means the integration has been successfully created.

What if I haven’t received any email after creating the alert?

This could be due to several reasons.

First, make sure to click on the “Save” button on the email integration side panel.

Otherwise, your work is not saved and the alert will not be active.

Also, please check your spam folder. The email should come from the sender

👉🏽 You can mark it as “Not spam” and also add this email address to your contact list.

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