Data Driven Segments

How Data Driven Segments can help you in Trackey

What are data-driven segments?

A data-driven segment is a group of users that is dynamically updated based on the previous conditions that you define. These segments are updated automatically, whenever we receive new user data. Users enter or leave a data-driven segment as soon as they match the conditions of the segment. If they don’t match the conditions, they’ll be removed from the segment.

What data can be used to create a segment?

You can add as many filters as needed to define your segment. We also support filter groups that allow you to create deep user segments based on various traits.

Our segmentation engines allow you to create segments based on different data points as listed below.

When adding conditions, Trackey will automatically show a sample of users that match your conditions at the bottom of the screen.

Once you save your new segment, we’ll go through all user profiles in your project and check for each of them whether or not they match your filters.

Depending on the size of your user base, this process can take up to a couple of minutes.

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