How to connect Trackey with Zapier

Connecting Trackey with Zapier

Zapier is a leading task automation platform, which allows you to connect Trackey to over 5,000 popular apps and services with no-code connections called “Zaps”.

Our Zapier integration lets you send survey responses from Trackey to Zapier in real time.


To use Trackey <> Zapier integration, you’ll need a Zapier account.

How to set up Zapier Integration

For now, Trackey is able to push data to Zapier, but not the other way around.

Create a new Zap, and in the Trigger section, search for Trackey in the marketplace.

The integration supports two types of trigger events:

  1. A user completed a Trackey survey

  2. A user entered a segment in Trackey

From this moment on, Zapier should guide you through the entire process of setting up the integration. Click on “Continue” → Connect Trackey via API Key.

Next, you'll find a dropdown menu:

Select the survey of your interest.

Each time this survey receives a response, Zapier will send it to the desired application

Next, you will see a result that displays the various variables you can send to the different destination applications available in Zapier.

Some use cases for inspiration:

  • Automatically send Net Promote Score follow-up emails.

  • Enrich CRM (Hubspot, Pipedrive, etc) records with survey responses.

  • Create personalized email marketing campaigns based on survey data.

  • Update a Google Sheet / Notion / Airtable database with new survey submissions.

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