Trigger Events


Trigger Events add another layer of control to target the right users at the exact right time in their product journey.

Without a Trigger Event, a user would see a survey widget the moment they match your Target Audience.

Time Delay Trigger

The Time Delay Trigger is our most popular launch trigger and a great fit for a lot of use cases.

The idea is simple: For users matching your Target Audience, Trackey waits for a specific amount of time to pass before showing your survey to them.

The Time Delay Trigger offers the following options:

  • Wait Time: Depending on your use case, the Wait Time Trigger can be set to anything between a couple of seconds up to several days (more info below).

  • Reference Moment: You can choose between different moments in a user’s journey which will be used as some kind of anchor point in time. You can choose between:

    • The user starts a new session

    • A user enters your Target Audience

    • The user was seen for the first time

Combining the Time Delay trigger with Segment-Based Targeting gives you a lot of control over when exactly a survey should appear.

For example, you could create a user segment “Signed up 30 days ago” for your Target Audience and combine it with a Time Delay trigger of “3 minutes after starting a new session”.

Page Visit Trigger

The Page Visit Trigger is the simplest way of launching a survey once a user performs a specific action in your product. It launches a survey when a user in your Target Audience visits a certain page (URL) of your app.

Some scenarios where this launch trigger is a great option:

  • Your user just started the free trial and visits the billing page in your app.

  • A user just performed an important action in your app (e.g. created their first survey)

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