Trackey pays for itself

How do we approach our pricing model?

Changes to your pricing plan are based on the number of Monthly Active Users in your app.

MAU is a key metric of our pricing model, and to calculate how much data we handle for each of our clients, we use them.

The number of distinct users interacting with a product within a particular month is known as the "Monthly Active Users" (MAU).

For example, users logging in to an app or performing a key action.

MAUs correspond to the number of user profiles that we “see” on our end in a given month. These can be users that you track using our Web-Client or Mobile SDK.

Our main pricing tiers are up to 50 000 Monthly Active Users, but we'll be happy to talk for larger solutions.

  • For free → Up to 1 000 MAUs

  • $39/month → Up to 3 000 MAUs

  • $99/month → Up to 10 000 MAUs

  • $299/month → Up to 30 000 MAUs

  • $499/month → Up to 50 000 MAUs

There's no limitation on survey responses

We are not using survey responses as a key metric because we want our customers to collect as many insights as possible. More customer feedback means more insights and learnings, which is why all our plans come with unlimited survey responses.

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