🏗️In-App Surveys

Start playing with Trackey ✨

Step 1: Create a survey

  1. Go to your Trackey dashboard > Surveys

  2. Click on the “Create New Survey” button

  3. Browse the template you need to start asap.

Step 2: Edit the title & content

By default, your project’s primary language is English.

Set up the title for this survey and Trackey will automatically save your name changes.

Scrolling down, add the type of response you’re looking for or just start editing from our survey templates.

  • Click on any screen to immediately start editing the text. Remember to "save as draft" if you leave the survey builder for a moment.

  • You can change the screen type of any question screen.

Once you’re done editing the content, continue scrolling down to switch to the rest of the settings. The rest of the steps will happen there.

Step 3: Configure survey branding

Customize the design to fit your brand

Scroll down to navigate to survey settings. Customize everything you need to fit your brand.

Step 4: Select trigger(s) and target the right audience

To trigger your Trackey survey, you’ll need either an event rule (both web and mobile) or a page rule (web-only). At least one trigger is required, but you can add multiple triggers as you like.


You can optionally limit the survey to a selected segment. With user segments, you can specify user filters based on user traits, events performed, and/or cohort membership.


  • Recurring: if you want the same user to periodically give you more feedback.

  • Single-use: if you want each user to only submit one response ever.

Step 5: Publish the survey

Click on Publish button. If all your settings are correct, it will be published successfully.

If any errors, please follow the prompt to fix the issues before trying again.

Step 6: Get notified about responses

Trackey is more powerful when you connect it to your team workflow.

We recommend every team start by setting up Slack and/or Email alerts so that the customer feedback is automatically sent to the right team members to review and take action.

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