Email & Link Surveys

How to craft email and link surveys with Trackey

Email Surveys

Setting up the right email content on your email surveys can help you boost response rates easily. It's important to customize each survey with the content you want to show to your customers:

  • Store name: This is automatically set as the name of your Shopify store. This name is used as the 'from' field for your email surveys.

  • Subject line: This is the subject line of the survey email.

  • Reply to email (you can configure to send emails from your domain name. Get in touch if you would like some help on setting this up).

The process to set up a survey link is similar to email, but you just need to copy the link to the landing page instead of sending the survey by email.

QR Codes to add to your packaging & more are cooming soon!

Device Types

When using our surveys, you have the option to target certain device types. You can choose to launch surveys on Desktops, Tablets or Mobile devices.

By default, surveys are launched to all client device types as all of them work well.

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